Wedding magician — My Mingle Magic & Stage Magic for Hanna & James’ Wedding Function

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It was my pleasure to provide magic entertainment for my dear friend Hanna’s wedding.

The wedding wad held in a beautiful villa in a mountain with the awesome sunset view.

In the function, we provided Mingle Magic & Stage Magic to entertain their guests and relatives.

After the event, Hanna told me that she thanked me for “saving the function from being a little bit boring”

Although I knew it is just the little thing I can do for her, I am glad to hear this.

Meanwhile, I am always honored to provide entertainment service to our dear friends and make people laugh.

Hanna & James are both teachers with good personality and have knew each other for many years.

They are both very nice people and I wish them all the best sincerely.

Pictures of Happy clients:

~ 你的支持和分享,是我們前進的動力,歡迎幫我們加油、按一下「讚」喔!感謝!Thanks for sharing ~